Ramaplast for the environment

We love to work in a energy-efficient manner with respecting for the enviroment, while continuosly looking for new solutions and new plastic materials able to reduce the packaging environmental impact.

What we offer

  • Integrated recycling in every industrial process
  • Post consumer recycled (PCR) plastic materials
  • Plastics from renewable sources
  • Bio-based plastic
  • Biodegradable additives

Our plastic tubes – mono-material or COEX multilayer tubes - are available in all diameters from 19mm to 60mm with fill capacities ranging from 5 ml to 400 ml, with a wide selection of heads and closures available in our catalogue.

COEX Technology

Our multilayer tubes are made by laminating layers of different thicknesses and materials through a coextrusion process; this allows for a protective barrier capable of preserving the integrity of the product inside or incorporating recycled material within.

It is ideal for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, and industrial products that require high protection, which is not normally offered by single layer tubes.


We can offer a variety of solutions for your customized tubes, starting from three diverse types of heads: push-on, standard screw-on and for some specific size also nozzle.


We can offer a variety of closures such as concave or domed screw closures, as well as flip-top closures off the side of the decoration. Both types can have a glossy or matte finish.

Seals and sleeves

We guarantee the product is uncontaminated because of:

  • heat-welded aluminum seal on the cap orifice
  • cap with standard sleeve
  • capsule on customized sleeve

Decoration technologies

In the management of the decorative development of the tube, we have a technology with 12 printing stations that allows us to use a single technique or a mixture of them to meet every aesthetic need. We can handle simple to complex, and artistic requests, and if necessary, we can decorate the entire body of the tube.


A useful technique for managing decorations designed to enhance your packaging and allowing for maximum graphic definition and precision by a rotating steel frame incorporated within our printing processes.

Hot foil stamping

A useful technique for managing graphics that can present texts, solid colours, or screen printing predominantly in gold and silver, designed to highlight specific parts that can also be tinted. We can recreate highly realistic mirror effects, reflections, and metallic finishes.


A decoration technique useful for reducing colour/shade variations in the production of large batches thanks to the use of an ANILOX ceramic roller.


Whole-tube flexography with hues, customized capsule matching the same PMS colour chart. Overprint in silk screen.

Perfect Rolls

Unique combination of whole-tube hot stamping and flexography to create a unique interweaving of details.

Relief details

The silk screen coatings are used to create transparent relief patterns, which give the decoration a three-dimensional look and add a new tactile sensation to the product.

Full metallization

Whole-tube hot printing, surmounted by coatings in silk screen and flexography. The capsule is high vacuum metallized to give continuity to the decoration.

Geometric accuracy

Flexography and silk screen for unrivalled register precision, to create colour contrasts and sharp edges.

Realistic background

Flexography is used in colours to reproduce high-definition photographic images, together with hot stamping which adds elements of light also on the capsule.


A blend of PE material to achieve texture and a satin transparency. The silk screen print adds the relief effect to the decoration.

total gold tube and cap

The gold stripe and colours of the capsule recall the whole tube printing in silk screen, flexography and high precision hot stamping.

Overprinting and negatives

Colour continuity between capsule and tube, with a silkscreen band, negative elements, and logo overprinted with hot stamping.

Try us out and discover more about our tube offering through the expertise of our sales consultants. Find the perfect solution for your needs. Your product, our packaging.